Thursday, October 28, 2010


21.5" D X 2.5" H
I know, summer's over!  But this reminds me that it'll be back before we know it and I will welcome it with open arms. This sweet little tray, made by hand from recycled fabric and glass, will lift the spirits of any room or lend a helping hand to your next summer soiree, albeit many moons away.
Originally priced at $148.  Buy here from Anthropologie.

PEBBLE STRIPPED RUG $59.99 - $449.99

Ha ha ha!  More stripes for ya!  I'm a hopeless stripe-lover, (oh, and I looove anything gray, too), here's a felted wool, pebbly, low pile rug.  Perfect for a modern, minimalist look.  Buy here from West Elm.  Originally $89 - $599.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


16" x 16"
16" x 16"
I am starting to think I should rename this blog, "anything that's" - but that's for another day, check out this beautiful kilim wool Turkish pillow case.  I love the colors (oh, and the stripes).  Buy here from eBay, a shipping cost of $14.00 or so, it's coming from Turkey, fool.
Check out top pillow here.  And bottom pillow here.

Friday, October 15, 2010


An organic coverlet for a king sized bed, super soft and close to 40% off right now at Design Public.  Maybe it's the photo, with the crisp, all-white hotely vibe (my favorite), or MAYBE it's because I'm dead-tired, either way, this is a bed I could seriously crawl in to.  Like now...
Coverlet come in ivory.
Buy here


88"W x 31"H x 42"D
I am obsessed with sofas, in search of a chic yet comfy couch has it's obvious challenges.  The hunt is still on for me, but this is a good price for a couch that looks handsome and lounge-y all at once.  Currently 20% off from Jayson Home and Garden.  Buy here, many other styles available and on sale.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


36" x 46"
Sweet organic baby blankets to cuddle that precious little one in.  Lots of colors to choose from!  Originally $40.  Buy here from Coyuchi.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


NOMA restaurant is considered the best restaurant in THE WORLD.  Located in Denmark, NOMA has replaced the famed El Bulli in Spain as the #1 spot, hailed by critics, chefs and restaurateurs.  If you have any foodie friends, or perhaps you are the foodie, grab this beautiful cookbook and be a part of culinary history.
Buy here from Amazon $33.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


 59" x 28"
OMG!!!  This table is $2,000 off!  That is insane and I really, really, really want to buy it.  I mean, really.  I have a collection of the Alden folding chairs, and a side table, (all from DWR), and we do need an outdoor dining table AND it's the right size AND the matching chairs are like insanely cheap now too.... But I digress,  it's a great deal for a teak table, you know those are impossibly pricey.
Buy here - limited number available.  Original price $2,650.
Maybe you need a larger table?
Check this baby out, equally insane price: $812.50 was $3,250.  Crazy prices.
103" x 39.5" x 28"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It's Fall, time to cozy up and switch out those light-weight summer sheets for the warmies.  These 100% organic flannel sheets are thick, yet super-soft.  Fitted sheets and pillow cases are on sale (not sure why the flat sheet isn't?)  Originally priced at $75.
Buy here from Coyuchi.


Perfect little pot for that empty window box.  Also, an ideal present for someone who has everything.  Planters are the perfect gift as everyone could use a little more greenery in their home.  Even you!
Buy here from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.


I've always had a soft spot for these seed bag linen pillows.  Usually they aren't cheap, the material is/should be vintage therefore showing wear of its previous life.  This one is 50% off at Wisteria.
Buy here.
(Oh, look, it's striped!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


87" x 95"
OK, today is the day where I find things that aren't on sale and certainly aren't a "deal".  But it's one of those days where I keep stumbling upon items that I WISH that I had and maybe one day I will.  A girl can always dream.  (And consider this an early Xmas list, mom....).  I love the color of this quilt, it matches my guest room paint job perfectly and I do love me some quilts, so I decided to share with you my obsession of the day.  Enjoy...
Buy here for $220.


I can't help it!  These aren't even close to a "deal",  so I have gone to the dark-side, BUT I have had my eye on these forEVER and I just HAD TO POST THIS.  Sorry, but I am in love.
Go for it and pick up a few here, from Canvas.
Priced at $150 each.  Don't hate me.